Marcus and Annemarie were pleased to be invited to lead a presentation skills workshop for 10 members of the innovative and future thinking Stable.

With staff working flexibly in Bermuda, New York, Chicago and London the day offered a great opportunity to come together as a team, face to face and build on an existing skillset they all exercise daily.

The team were at different levels of seniority within the company but each individual showcased an expertise in their technical knowledge of company systems and formulas in terms of predicting market changes for their individual clients.

Working with this knowledge and focusing on audience engagement, this quickly became a powerful combination when trying out the different approaches offered by both Marcus and Annemarie.

Each person was very open to trying out various ways of delivering information, in ways that suited their individual style and this paid off as they each walked away with a specific toolkit they could build on for future presentations.

Excellent workshop, Marcus and Annemarie fostered a supportive environment where I felt able to push outside my comfort zone and provided some great analogies and advice to augment my natural presentation style. As someone who is fairly experienced with presentations I still found the workshop extremely helpful, and it has changed how I will go about preparing them in the future!