Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)

As part for the Prudential Regulation Authority’s commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Pradeep and Sam worked with a diverse cohort of delegates to build personal brand and assertiveness.

In such a critical part of the Bank of England, it is critical that all voices are heard, and expertise is shared. In the online workshop the delegates explored the barriers Global Majority employees face in the workplace, how to overcome them and what actions they can take to shape the culture and direction of the authority.

This programme was part of a wider suite of development initiatives from multiple training providers so the Aspire Leadership programme was designed to dovetail with the other programmes as well as providing a distinctive learning experience for the participants.

Going forward the aim is to expand the programme to include sessions for other under-represented groups within the Authority to build leadership capacity across the organisation.

Here are some of the comments after the programme:

Huge thanks to Pradeep and Sam for a wonderful delivery of this course on Assertiveness at Work. Whilst it seemed effortless, I’m sure lot of work went into delivering this top-class training. The tools and techniques shared are very practical and immensely useful. I have no doubt they will put to use from immediate effect. I hope to see you again on my learning journey.

This was insightful, impactful, and enjoyable training. We were given helpful tools which can be readily applied at work. Both trainers were excellent. They tailored their approach to workshop participants needs. I can highly recommend this training!