Keech Hospice Care

Keech Hospice Care provides emotional and practical support for adults and children diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. They spoke with Jess a couple of years ago and asked for some management training for a range of staff members working across the Adult and Children’s units, some very experienced and others less so.

Jess suggested the aims of the training needed to be two-fold.

Firstly, the nurses needed practical management skills training. They are used to learning and working practically so there was no place here for PowerPoint!

We included managing time; delegating; delivering difficult messages and managing ex-peers. We tapped into the amazing skills they have when dealing with patients’ and their families and looked at how they could be used internally, to build longterm relationships with colleagues.

We identified current management strengths and explored how to apply them to different situations.

Secondly, these managers work across different units so this two day programme needed to foster a cross-unit working atmosphere and a develop a peer network where nurses could continue to support each other and share best practice beyond the training.

Jess and Bronia first ran the Line Management programme in 2016 and loved being part of the Keech family for 2 days! The atmosphere in the training room was supportive, fun and open; the nurses loved learning from each other and trying out new ideas. They felt challenged, engaged and excited to use new techniques with their teams.

In fact the programme is so successful that we are invited back each year to deliver the programme for clinical staff and other functions. We’ve also delivered a Project Management programme for them.

Aspire continue to be big supporters of the invaluable work all the team at Keech do. So much so that Jess walked across hot coals for them in February 2017! Check out their website here.