Annemarie and Sally from Aspire were delighted to be asked to work with several of ITN’s managers from the news and production teams.

We gathered in small groups for 1-day management development sessions to look at a range of mindsets and practical skills covering areas such as delegation, clarifying expectations, and giving feedback. As is often the case the focus on strengthening coaching skills was really useful and resonated with the team.

The managers are experienced at working under pressure in a fast-paced environment so we were pleased when they shared that the sessions provided a valuable change of pace to zoom out and explore the dynamics that come with managing people and teams. 

After the first few rounds of the programme the managers have expressed that they are feeling even more confident and equipped with tools to hold constructive conversations with colleagues.

A Creative Director who participated on the programme says it best:

Just wanted to reiterate my appreciation for the extremely useful course material that you delivered and the extremely accessible and practical way in which the course was tailored to our rather unique working environment.

I came away not only with numerous tools and practically focussed techniques in my managers toolkit but also a greatly uplifted feeling of positivity in being able to practically change the dynamics of the relationships and the culture of the Newsroom for the better in a modern working environment. 

This can all be attributed to the fantastic delivery of the course material from Annemarie and Sally. I would recommend further training for all members of the newsroom, not necessarily in the management specific courses, but certainly focussing on effective conversations and communication as well as managing the transactional dynamics at play in the newsroom. 
Equipping our staff with the tools they need to work effectively in our pressure environment, I believe, will make it more accessible to a broader spectrum of talent from across the span of the cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic and neuro diversity present in contemporary society.  

During my career spanning multiple employers I have found this course to be one of the standout training events hosted by Annemarie, Sally and Aspire.

It has been hugely rewarding to work with the managers and we’re energised to continue supporting the team.