Haines McGregor

At the end of 2023 we had a brilliant day with 9 young, creative and super-bright members of brand strategy and innovation agency, Haines McGregor.

The agency has seen significant growth over the past four years, with creativity and strategy being at the heart of its approach.

Doron and Lucy shared tips and tools aimed at enhancing the team’s already impressive experience as public speakers and presenters.

These are sharp professionals, who specialise in building brands that provide a mirror image of the richness of the world and its inhabitants. In embracing our experiential style of training with openness and courage to try new things, they all took risks, showed a passion for development and growth and also brought a high level of energy to the training room. For Lucy and Doron, as the trainers steering the day, this made for a hugely rewarding session.

It was heartening to work with a client whose mission statement for offering the training was the empowerment of its team members and we are buoyed by these pieces of feedback received from the day:

Lucy and Doron were both lovely, very engaging and really cared about what were our pinch points and how this training could be transformative to us. It was a big unlock for me and pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me an opportunity to build with my peers.


The best presentation training I have received. Inspiring, succinct and inclusive.