Designplan Lighting

Doron and Lucy have had the pleasure of working with 11 sales professionals from Designplan Lighting, a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting, on a bespoke programme dedicated to impactful presentations and public speaking.

The company, which stands at the forefront of design and innovation in the field of robust and durable lighting, prides itself on service excellence, with a team that has substantial knowledge and experience in developing and delivering lighting solutions in a variety of arenas.

The company’s sales force takes a consultative selling approach, with relationship building at its heart. The team we spent the day with are known as ‘wise advisors’ and their inter-personal communication skills are an important part of their success. Lucy and Doron got to experience their brilliance as communicators and presenters first hand and what was particularly striking was their openness to elevating their skills and honing their craft.

The participants took every opportunity to learn and try out different techniques and radiated energy and engagement throughout our day together.

We are heartened by these pieces of feedback received from the day:

Your course is one of the most engaging and positive training courses I have been on. The take aways from this course have given me tools that give me a better structure for how I can present to customers and more confidence in how I engage with my audience. If felt like a day of positive learning and development.


I really enjoyed the day and found it to be very informative. It was also good to hear and see how passionate everyone was about their experiences/concerns, which highlighted how human we are and genuine about what we believe in. So thank you for bringing this out of us.