Brothers of Charity Scotland

Annemarie Estess and Doug Osborne were asked to deliver a Wellbeing day with the BOCSCOT hub. This collective is a collection of charitable organisations that support people in different ways – at home, in the community, in taking short breaks, and developing skills for employment.

This sector has had some seriously trying moments due to COVID and changing political landscapes over the past two years. The various team leaders came together for this one-day wellbeing programme to share their stories and most of all find some laughter and hope for both themselves and their teams, to recharge and reconnect.

It was such an honour being asked into this incredible group of people to witness some of the lengths they had gone to, to keep people mobile, fed and cared for. The day or two after the programme we received these messages…

“Many thanks to you and Annemarie for all the work in preparing and presenting the course. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and I wanted to share with you two of the emails received from attendees noting their thoughts – emails below” (programme co-ordinator)

“I just wanted to say that I really thought, and it seemed I was not alone in this thinking, that todays course was one of the best we have all been on for a very long time.  It really helped us all with our own well-being and definitely gave some tips to take forward into practice working with others and I would happily recommend it to anyone and everyone.  I would also be keen to look at other courses ran by Aspire Leadership”

“This session was delivered in a very mindful, respectful manner, providing all involved with safe space to share the difficulties we all encounter on daily basis, especially since the start of the pandemic. It was very reassuring seeing managers leaving it with actual smiles and real, practical take aways”

“I feel that it would be beneficial to tap into this training from Aspire on ongoing (annual) basis. I feel that this training could benefit other parts of our organisation”

I’m grateful we could help create a space for them to step back and look at how to best support themselves and each other. Working with this team was a pleasure — it’s clear that they bring an extraordinary level of compassion and commitment to their work.