Jess is passionate about helping leaders and teams break out from stuck patterns of communication and consciously and intentionally create how they want to come across.

Jess is an accredited Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach and works with teams and business partnerships to increase awareness of communication patterns in the ‘system’ dynamic in order to build stronger relationships and achieve greater results.

Jess is also an MBTI and NLP practitioner with qualifications in Non-Violent Communication and Integrative psychotherapy. Her original training as an actress at LAMDA informs the practical and holistic way she work with clients enlisting their mindset, as well as their physical and vocal behaviour, when communicating. Whether it’s a difficult conversation one to one, or a presentation to a full room, Jess’s style is fun and pragmatic which helps people to take control of their communication choices with increased skill, self-awareness, and confidence.

 I want to help people have emotionally intelligent conversations, every time.

Jess has recently designed and delivered Leadership, Women In Leadership, Line Management, Personal Impact, Presentation skills and Influencing training for Aspire clients including XPS, Sanderson House, Paddle, Sightsavers, Media IQ, Music Publishers’Association, Keech Hospice and Buro Four amongst others.  She works with teams using Systems Thinking and coaches senior people one to one on their Leadership skills.

Jess also works as a producer, writer and performer, co-running Cabaret ensemble The Ruby Dolls Ltd.

What I’m currently reading:

Margaret Wheatley’s ‘Leadership and the New Science’ – looking at how chaos theory and quantum physics can help us move away from a ‘command and control’ style of leadership to one of true collaboration that embraces change and transformation. Inspiring!

Favourite quotes at the moment:

‘Out beyond the ideas of right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there’. Rumi (thank you Instagram…)

‘One conversation at a time, you are building, destroying, or flatlining your relationships. The conversation is the relationship.’ Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations.

TED talk I’d recommend:

A useful reminder, especially for all of us Extroverts!