We are a boutique training company.

Our clients come to us for our material, delivered in our particular style – and it’s a style they love.

It’s relaxed, professional and safe, backed up with oceans of knowledge and real business experience.

We do not body-shop associates who deliver their material, in their style, however wonderful it may be.

Our Trainers

It takes a lot to become an Aspire trainer – we look for people with a background and experience of some sort in:

  • Business
  • Creativity and;
  • Psychology

You will also need to demonstrate the ability to hold a room with confidence and charm.

And yes we do want all of this – and yes we know that such people are hard to find.

Our trainers cover the spectrum from the performing arts to engineering, They also have a full on life outside the training room – most run their own businesses and sit on boards of charities or the like.

The Journey

We expect all our trainers to undergo our comprehensive training programme, even if they have 20 years experience in the training room, before they begin to deliver to real clients.


Because they don’t have experience in our style of delivery, or our material.

It can take quite a while to get up to speed depending on how much time you can devote to your development. We offer the training free of charge with no commitment on either side.

We know that many experienced trainers are unwilling to invest their time in a training programme of this sort, or are too set in their own particular ways to adapt to ours. So it’s very rare that an experienced trainer will make the journey with us.

Having said that if you have what it takes we are a close knit, creative and lively bunch. Life is usually busy and never boring.

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