Faculty of Public Health

The Specialty Registrars’ Committee of the Faculty of Public Health represents Public Health trainees and advocates for the registrar’s interests. They work to provide quality training across the UK, ensuring fairness by representing all regions and levels of grade.

Kate and Alexander were delighted to design a 3-hour workshop on Leadership, Impact, and Networking Skills as part of the Committee’s Away Day focusing on leadership. The group was made up of specialist registrars who had travelled in from all corners of the UK and Ireland, with a wide range of expertise and experience. The afternoon programme was filled with important opportunities for the participants to network, share experiences, and build their skills and confidence to make the impact that they want in their work.

The group was energetic, open, and keen to share and learn from each other and the programme. Kate and Alexander thoroughly enjoyed working with such a fantastic group of inspirational people.

The session was really well organised and provided a lot of practical ideas for how to develop your own leadership skills. The trainers were warm, friendly and fostered an environment where you could be open about your own strengths and weaknesses. (Catherine Shuttleworth, Public Health Registrar)


On behalf of the SRC, I would like to thank you for the amazing workshop, which we all enjoyed. We are also grateful for the additional resources.(Cat Pinho-Gomes, SRC Chair)