As well as being an energetic and influential leader with a passion for people, Katharine is a keen creative and has a great facility for combining business acumen and strategy with imaginative thinking. 

With over 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising and corporate learning and development Katharine is used to working at a range of levels, including with senior leaders and executive teams. Her combined degrees in History of Art and Acting have seen her work as an actor, producer, project manager, facilitator, coach and trainer across a number of industries, but specifically, the beauty, luxury, fashion, creative industries and FMCG. 

Having grown up in France and lived in the UK, Italy, and for a short time, in Austria, Katharine is truly multicultural in her outlook.  It’s no surprise that she is multilingual being fluent in French and Italian and highly proficient in German. 

Katharine is experienced in a wide variety of training subjects and is particularly skilled in the areas of Performance Management, Effective Leadership, Assertiveness Training and Influencing Skills, working across organizations, at all levels.

She believes in value-led business and key to that is investing in the people who make the business come alive. Her strengths lie in understanding human nature and what makes people tick alongside brand culture. This helps build build authentic, dynamic and influential methods of communication for a happy healthy workforce that enables business growth. 

In her constant quest to empower others, Katharine is currently training to be a Thrive Consultant and Coach when she will go on to deliver one-to-one, evidence-based training for personal wellbeing and growth.

Katharine also runs a local charity in Greenwich (ADHD Greenwich) promoting neuro-diversity, championing ADHD and other neuro-developmental conditions and the contributions ‘difference’ brings to our world. She also offers her training skills to the community when they are needed. 

Katharine says:

What gets me up in the morning into the training room is my ability to empower change in others for them to lead their best professional lives.

If I have one motto that sums up my approach to life, it would be this:

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Albert Einstein

Katharine helps others identify their limits to then surpass them.