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A Two Day Leadership Training Experience

This variation on our Leadership programmes is more of an experience than a training programme. You’ll never be quite the same again! At Aspire we have found one of the most dynamic, startlingly effective, and engaging options for outdoor team building exercises, whilst developing individual leadership skills, is working with horses on an Equine Assisted Solutions programme.

This isn’t about riding a horse – you stay on the ground throughout but you certainly have to have your wits about you. Your leadership styles and team management communication skills will be put to the test in a way that you won’t believe as horses have a language of their own. They respond very strongly to authentic intention but tend to ignore a lack of real belief! As you try to get the horses to accomplish a series of tasks, you will find yourself having to look outside your usual patterns and challenge some of you beliefs around your management style. Our enthusiasm for the horses prompted Liz to make a film of the work at LEAP and Stable Development:

A day with the horses can be combined with any of our tailored leadership or management communications programmes, where we work in association with the specialist equine facilitators at LEAP. This is what they say about their work at LEAP: These outdoor team building exercises and leadership courses are bespoke and we will work with you to attain maximum impact for your company. The programmes are high impact and from the outset teams respond to the horse with:

  • Respect
  • Reverence
  • Authenticity
  • Motivation

Result Orientated

Programmes focus on the here and now; horses offer immediate feedback on the teams/individuals beliefs, communication and behavioural patterns. The horses response is real and rapid, there is no opportunity for trickery, smooth talking or jargon, they don’t understand words, but they do understand clear and united direction. Without words – demand, challenge or confrontation, the perfect conditions have been set for the process of behavioural change to happen.


Horses have a profound way of challenging, providing a unique opportunity for teams/individuals to observe in a non-critical environment, what works and what doesn’t.

Rapid Response

The programme offers immediate insight on teams/individuals dynamics, management communication skills, leadership styles, self-awareness, and cohesion. During the sessions these issues will be rapidly dealt with and solutions found resulting in a natural and seamless approach to achieving targets.

Total Recall

Translating this programme back to the workplace couldn’t be easier. Horses have a high visual impact on teams/individuals, therefore it is imperative that participants clearly recognise that once they complete sessions with the horses, that they will experience total recall be it in the work place, at home or when they least expect it. We call this a ‘Light bulb moment!’

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