This 90 minute online programme is designed for anyone managing a team remotely who wants to improve their skills in goal setting and delegation.

When managing remotely, our time to communicate with the team is limited. It can be difficult to be clear about what needs to be done and then empower individuals to do it. When things are uncertain, it can become harder to delegate.

Have you ever had the feeling it would be quicker to just do it yourself?

This programme provides the tools and framework for you to understand how to set the right goals at the right time for individuals and the team as a whole. We explore how to create positive working relationships from a remote position that allows and empowers the team to deliver.

As with all our courses we’ll be working interactively and giving plenty of attention to each individual so that we can flex the content according to what people most need. We include fun practical exercises for people to try out some of the ideas and techniques along the way.

This course is available for individual bookings as a public course or can be run in house tailored to your needs as a team or organisation. Please get in touch for in house enquiries


Learning outcomes


As a result of attending this online programme, participants will:

  • Understand how working remotely might influence their mindset around delegation.
  • Learn how to set clear goals that deliver results
  • Be able to create the working relationships that allow for successful delegation
  • Be able to consciously choose their management approach in order to empower the individual.
  • Know how to prioritise tasks.
  • Practise goal setting in a safe and fun way