Executive Coaching Experience and Background

I started my journey by studying drama at Manchester University and lectured on BA courses at The Royal College of Music, and Mountview theatre school.

When I first began executive coaching I was working with professional actors in theatre and film. The journey is invariably to help them find the connection between who they are and the character they are playing.

The goal is what, in acting parlance, is called truth. In the business world we call it authenticity.

In the fifteen years that I have been working as a personal and executive coach the journey is strikingly similar. That is: To find the connection between personal integrity and the roles people play in their working environment and in their lives.

This is why I became interested in personal branding – the footprint people make in their lives.

The Point of Coaching

How can we be the best that we can be?

There are moments in our lives when we are in flow, at ease with ourselves, and we have a sense of our own success.

Sometimes, however, the journey seems a lot tougher and it’s hard to see the way forward. Sometimes the obstacles are external and sometimes they are to do with a script we have written for ourselves that needs a rewrite. It may be that there is a specific life or work issue that needs focusing on, a wider issue like your personal branding or leadership style, or a more general look at the path forward.

For me coaching is about walking beside you on your path and working with you to help shed some light on the best way forward for you.

Coaching Methods

I use elements of many different executive coaching methodologies, most notably Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, NLP, Motivational Interviewing, and Transactional Analysis. It always involves a process of careful questioning and reflecting back, and often some suggestions and challenges to move things forward.

Coaching for Life and Work

I am greatly influenced by Carl Rogers who looks at the fundamental questions we often ask:

What is my goal in life? What am I striving for? What is my purpose?

He turns to philosophy and answers with a quote from Soren Kierkegaard,

To be that self which one truly is.

That self can be amazing if we find it and give it room to grow.