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Archive for May, 2020

The Value of Alignment. Sync…. don’t Sink

Posted by Beth Hood

Alignment. A word often heard in board rooms and strategy meetings and seen in the notes of business consultants around the globe. But what is the value of alignment in an organisation and what does it actually mean to us?

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus global pandemic, leadership specialists and occupational behaviourists have been watching with interest as our corporate habits have changed. At a time when out of necessity remote working and virtual connection has become the absolute norm (one leading UK supermarket has indicated that the pandemic has accelerated business habits by five years), it makes sense of course that we should all be dialling up levels of connection across our teams. In lieu of all those organic, coffee machine touch points, we are hearing examples of virtual coffee mornings, all-hands-online meetings and no-work-allowed Zoom lunchbreaks.

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Remote! Our 5 top tips for working from home

Posted by Beth Hood




Come up for air



Working from home is rapidly becoming the new normal. For many of us, this new world of carrying out the day job from the kitchen table is a strange one. Remote working, self-isolation – these are terms that semantically at least are only one step away from loneliness and disconnection – particularly when our choice over where and how we work has been taken away.

So what can we do to make the best of this new landscape in the world of business? What is it important to keep in mind and how can we make sure that our performance isn’t limited, just because our movements are?

Here are our top tips to make the most of working from home.


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