Workplace success is a very subjective thing.

For some, it’s all about getting on, going up, more, power, more money. For others, it is about balance, doing a good job, getting recognition for the effort you put in and leaving on time every evening.

Whatever workplace success looks like for you, you stand a better chance of achieving it with the help of the four Qs, which we like to call the workplace superpowers!

Most people are familiar with the value and place of IQ in terms of competitive advantage and business success. It’s hard to imagine leaders of successful, dynamic and growing organisations not possessing high levels of intellectual ability and rigour. Being able to identify patterns and use our cognitive capacity to problem solve is clearly extremely useful to business leaders across the board.

But what about the other three?


EQ – Emotional Quotient


EQ (Emotional Quotient, also known as Emotional Intelligence), is nowadays widely regarded as an additional must-have to get ahead in competitive markets.

Behind every delivery, every strategic decision and every piece of performance is a person. Understanding people – starting with yourself – and the emotional drivers that sit behind workplace behaviours is very often crucial to gaining competitive advantage at a macro level. One study conducted by the Hay Group found it to be more than twice as necessary as IQ to make a success of leadership roles.


So what are the other Q’s and where do they come in?


Introducing PQ and GQ!


PQ – Political Quotient


In high growth contexts, PQ is an intelligence capability that is very often overlooked, but can make the difference between boom and bust.

PQ stands for Political Quotient and is all about understanding power across networks. Again, it starts with people.

In this case, it is about firstly understanding where power sits across your stakeholder map and then being able to influence the influential in order to drive your vision to reality. Business leaders with high political intelligence – and particularly (but not only) those who have high levels of integrity – are able to use this skill to think strategically about making things happen and leveraging power.


GQ – Growth Quotient


And finally there’s GQ. It is growth intelligence.

Growth in business is often driven by a commitment in the first place to creating audacious outcomes.

GQ comes from the ability to adopt a mindset that anything is possible, to think big, to behave with curiosity and to ask, continually:

What else?

How else?

What next?

What if?

Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset studies show us that working from a place of possibilities rather than limitations, in and of itself allows us to realise possibilities.

GQ is all about thinking beyond and thinking possible. It’s turning the ‘can’ts’ into ‘coulds’. No matter how you measure success, being able to identify with and understand the very nature of growth, allows for infinite possibilities.


What’s your superpower?


So……. When it comes to your workplace success: EQ, PQ or GQ. What superpower can you cultivate?