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Archive for December, 2019

Psychological Safety – what is it all about?

Posted by Beth Hood

It’s one of the leadership buzz terms of our age, but what is psychological safety? What is it all about, actually?

It was a phrase popularised as result of a large-scale piece of analysis conducted by Google in 2012 – codenamed Project Aristotle. The aim of the project was to determine what made high-performing teams from across Google’s business so great.

What were the factors, unique to successful teams, that set them apart from other parts of the business? Read more

Workplace success: EQ, PQ or GQ. What’s your superpower?

Posted by Beth Hood

Workplace success is a very subjective thing.

For some, it’s all about getting on, going up, more, power, more money. For others, it is about balance, doing a good job, getting recognition for the effort you put in and leaving on time every evening.

Whatever workplace success looks like for you, you stand a better chance of achieving it with the help of the four Qs, which we like to call the workplace superpowers!

Read more