Presenting – The Physics of Engaging Presentations

When I talk about presenting nowadays a strong image often comes floating back from my past life as a teacher.

Standing close to a large ruler… a look of serious concentration on my face… goggles safely on… arm outstretched… holding tightly onto an elastic band. I have a volunteer gradually add weights…

50 grams! 100 grams! 150 grams!

As each mass was added the elastic stretched and the new length was entered as a data point by another student. The results were plotted instantly and projected on the wall.

The mass kept increasing…    1.1 Kilos! 1.2 kilos!

The students can see the line on the graph behind me is levelling off. They know what is about to happen but they can’t know when…

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Sheep and Sleep – 4 Tips for Nerves in the Night

About ten years ago our local Sports Club persuaded me to help them raise funds by taking on Anne Robinson’s role in their version of the Weakest Link.

It seemed like a good idea at the time – what could possibly go wrong?

For three sleepless nights before the actual performance the thing that kept going through my mind was:

Why on earth did I think this was a good idea????

So when the night terrors strike before a presentation or performance of any sort, what can you do?

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Making Leadership training stick – Hard Targets for Soft Skills

We’ve all been there. You attend some Leadership training and leave feeling inspired and positive about making changes.

Then a few weeks later, you find yourself in a tricky conversation where you’re doing that-thing-you-said-you’d-change and afterwards you think “Didn’t I have some training to stop this?”

The key is to practice the skills we want to develop so we have them at our disposal when we need them.

So, what makes good intentions translate into behavioural change?

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