The two crucial questions we need to ask when it comes to public speaking

Posted by Liz McKechnie

We all know about the importance of key messages. It’s one of the first questions we ask ourselves when we agree to a “public speaking” engagement. Or it should be.

Quite often the question comes out as:

What shall I speak about?

That’s great. To sort out a theme. To know if we will be talking about dogs, or moon landings, or ballet, or chandeliers…But it doesn’t answer the key message question. For that we may need to ask something like:

What’s my point?

Because any one of these subjects might be artfully used to illustrate a particular point. An angle. An argument. A belief. A passion.

The theme is not the point. The theme is the conduit for the point.

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The secret to great communicating – practice makes perfect!

Posted by Pradeep Jey

One of the reasons our good intentions can go to the wayside after even the very best leadership training is lack of practice.

Sometimes, if a particular skill is new to us or underused our brains need to develop new pathways to make it familiar and therefore easy to call on particularly under stress.


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How to be funny

That title has set me up for a fall right from the word go hasn’t it?

I’m sure comedians hate it when, in their personal life, someone says ‘Go on then: be funny!’

So is there a formula for being funny? And why should we even bother to try?

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