Presenting for Technical Specialists – 3 top tips

Data doesn’t have to be boring!

When we run our Presentation Skills training courses one of the things we hear quite often is that these creative techniques are all very well, but there is serious information to be presented and you can’t use a pretty picture instead.

And that is absolutely right.

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Three Key Questions about Your Career

If you feel a little adrift in your career and maybe a bit dissatisfied it might be worth asking yourself three crucial questions to bring a little clarity to your thinking.


  1. If your career was a vehicle what would it be?
  2. Who is in the driving seat?
  3. Where are you going?


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Face the facts: How we read facial expression communicating as social animals

Our brains also devote a lot more attention to faces than many other visual stimuli because faces are so important to our lives when we are communicating as social animals, and it’s as social animals that we’ve succeeded as a species.

The human face has evolved to be the most expressive on the planet, containing around 52 muscles so the possibilities for communicating our feelings are infinite.

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