5 Top Tips for Negotiation

Posted by Bronia Szczygiel

I’ve spent quite a bit of time just lately negotiating with my 17 year old son around how much time he spends playing game and watching videos versus the time he spends on homework, chores and talking to us, his loving parents. You can probably guess how those negotiations have gone.

The good news is it helps me to hone my negotiating skills because believe me no business negotiation is nearly so difficult!

So I’ve come up with my top five tips for handling negotiations – whether that’s with your boss over your pay rise, a supplier on price or your teenage son on when he’s going to tidy his room.

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Sustainable Learning in Soft Skills Training

Posted by Bronia Szczygiel

I’m constantly asked by harried HR managers how we can ensure the learning from our soft skills training courses is sustainable back in the workplace.

The problem is that all too often people go on a training course, think ‘that’s interesting’ and then go on with their lives pretty much as before.

HR managers want to make sure they’re getting value for money and, what’s more, they want the training to actually change behaviours in the workplace. And so do we.

But change is not easy.

People are comfortable in their patterns and even when there’s a benefit to changing them they don’t always want to make the effort. And of course it does take effort.

There are definitely things that trainers, in partnership with HR managers and line managers, can do to help.
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Seeing the Glass Ceiling

Posted by Bronia Szczygiel

I remember several years ago debating with a CEO on the shocking lack of senior women in an organisation I worked in. After a frustrating time trying to convince him of the unconscious bias women faced in a male dominated workplace, he asked me what I thought the main problem was.

I said that maybe women just weren’t as intelligent or capable as men.
“I don’t believe that for a minute!” he said, totally shocked.
“Neither do I” I hit back, “and that’s my point!”

If it’s not a lack of intelligence or capability then something else is at work.
And it’s appropriately called a glass ceiling because it’s really difficult to see.

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